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Covert recording devices invade offices in New York

Recent incidents serve as a warning- recording devices are easily secreted in a variety of places and can be very difficult to find. All someone needs is access to the target location. This could include employees, executives, cleaners, contractors, former employees who may still have access, or even the public at large...

May 15th, 2019|

Deep fried computers. “USB Killer” destroys at least 66 computers at College of St. Rose.

USB sticks are a major insider threat concern, but usually for either copying and stealing confidential files or possibly installing malware onto a computer or network. This case involves a USB stick designed deliberately to destroy computers. A former student of College of St. Rose in Albany, NY purchased a "USB Killer" thumb drive. It is a device adapted to convert USB voltage to higher levels and feed it back into the computer thereby destroying at least the USB port and possibly much more.

May 2nd, 2019|

International news: Columbia looking into bugging of Constitutional Court

Colombia’s prosecutor general has launched an investigation into the possible eavesdropping of the Constitutional Court that complained about possible bugs and wiretaps earlier this week. Colombia’s constitutional court said on Sunday it had been meeting in Club Nogal outside its normal offices citing suspicions that the court’s own offices are bugged and phone lines are being intercepted.

May 2nd, 2019|

Holidays ripe for spy gear.

While trying to grab some last minute Christmas gifts I couldn't help but notice a large display of eavesdropping devices at throw-away prices. Be on the look out as such covert devices become more and more popular. They may start showing up in your office.

December 26th, 2018|

SEC does not approve of insider trading after eavesdropping. (Minnesota man finds out the hard way.)

How valuable is conversation? Much of your day to day conversation may need to be kept confidential. Even if you know you are discussing critical, private matters, those around you may not have the same understanding. Eavesdropping resulted in $140,000 in fines for a Minnesota man who eavesdropped on his wife's conference calls.

November 10th, 2018|
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