Philadelphia Area Corporate TSCM Bug Sweeps

We are ready to respond promptly to any location the Philadelphia area, from the Main Line to downtown and all surrounding areas. Whether you have had a security breach, sudden leak of information, or if you need to comply with information security standards, give us a call. When you are preparing for board meetings or any serious negotiations, be sure your offices and board rooms are protected from eavesdropping.


Professional TSCM services in Philadelphia

NLJD Hotel sweepTechnical Surveillance Countermeasures, or TSCM, refers to sweeping for bugs, listening devices, hidden cameras, and detecting other breaches of information security.   TSCM inspections, or bug sweeps, require training, equipment, skill, and experience. A number of companies may offer bug sweeps and eavesdropping detection but it is hard to tell if they really have the background required for a serious job. Some may have purchased inexpensive spy shop equipment and feel that it qualifies them, others may have tools they used years ago that they just pull out occasionally. A number of companies advertise that they do sweeps but actually take your request and then call around to find quickly someone to do the job at the cheapest rate. In such cases, they do not understand seriousness of the concern, or the advanced countermeasures that are necessary to protect from these threats.

The company you hire should be a full time TSCM provider, not someone who only does it part time. You wouldn’t want to have your car maintained on by someone who only did repairs once every few months. Don’t entrust your privacy and information security to someone who is not professional. To stay up to date requires constant training and practice. Bugs and bugging devices are really only one type of threat that could be used for eavesdropping or stealing your information. Some devices may include radio transmitters, some could be hard-wired microphones, others could be covertly recording audio or video, and other threats could include taps on your telephone lines or phone system manipulation. Your TSCM team has to be familiar with all possibilities. Spy technology is always developing and the Exec Security sweep team stays up to date on all possible threats, and is also familiar with older techniques that are still serious threats.

Philadelphia- Center of Business and Industry

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Philadelphia is a hub of business, industry, and finance. Business activities here – mergers and acquisitions, trade negotiations, technology research, and more – involve millions and even billions of dollars every day. The eavesdropping threat is very real. A simple leak of a private conversation or discussion could cost a company millions, destroy a reputation, or give a competitor a significant market advantage.  Competitors, industrial spies, international corporate espionage, information leaks, all are serious problems that must be addressed.

Philadelphia is an international city which means there is easy access to eavesdropping tools from simple spy shops to more serious underground markets. If you are in the Philly area, the team at Exec Security is ready to assist.

How we can help you

To gain a clear idea of our services, our capabilities, and how we can help you, give us a call today. We can provide an clear cost estimate after we have a chance to review your needs and understand your concerns.