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Professional Bug Sweeps

Professional bug sweeps, also known as Technical Surveillance Countermeasures or TSCM, are an extremely important security consideration for protection against eavesdropping and corporate espionage. Businesses of all sizes have information that they need to protect. Private discussions of confidential employee data, trade secrets, proprietary research, executive schedules, and more happen every day.

Small Bugging Devices

Electronic bugging devices can take many forms. They can be disguised as everyday items or could be so small that they could be easily overlooked. Bugs could be tiny microphones, connected to recording devices or other listening devices. They could also be connected to radio transmitters broadcasting the intercepted conversations or other data to a distant listening post.

Eavesdropping Devices Available From Many Sources

Eavesdropping devices are available from a large number of sources making the threat that much more serious. A number of devices from overseas come into this country through internet sales, they may not be sold as bug devices but they do have the capability to cause damage to your privacy and security. A simple GPS tracking device will often have microphone capability- turning it into a bug. Covert video cameras, many of which are wireless, will also have audio capability- making them bugging devices as well.

Another common bugging tool to be concerned about is the cell phone. If a cell phone has been left in a room, stuck under a table or in a chair cushion, it could be waiting for a call to allow the eavesdropper to listening to the confidential meeting.

Risks of Compromised Information

Any such bugging incident could leak confidential information that could result in damaging financial setbacks, such as lost contracts and lost deals. It could also be as serious as to compromise personal safety and security. If a kidnapping or other attack on an executive, a celebrity, or their families is being planned, you can expect covert surveillance to take place that would include eavesdropping, planting bugging devices, or installing covert video.

Information Assets Need Protection

Your corporate information is worth protecting. You should consider having regular bug sweeps performed of offices, conference rooms, board rooms, and any area where confidential discussions are taking place.  Corporate bug sweeps of sensitive areas are often performed quarterly, and also whenever special meetings such as board meetings are taking place.

Professional Bug Sweep Tools

Professional bug sweeps involve a number of complex tests and inspection tools. A serious job should not be left to amateurs. At Exec Security we keep up to date on the latest bug technology as well as staying familiar with older threats that are still in use. We are a full time experienced sweep team, we have over $200,000 worth of equipment that we bring to your defense.  We sweep all radio frequencies from very low frequencies to microwaves using multiple receivers, spectrum analyzers, and directional antennas. We will inspect telephone equipment, PBX systems, and VoIP systems.

Have Confidence in Exec Security TSCM 

You can be comfortable hiring the Exec Security team- we regularly work with Fortune 500 companies. We know how to work within corporate office spaces and complex corporate data and telecommunications systems.

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Examples of bugging devices
we have discovered:

Desk calculator with microphone and GSM transmitter.

Desk calculator with
microphone and GSM transmitter.

Wifi camera and microphone.

Power supply with
Wifi camera and microphone.

Bug Sweep found GPS Tracking and Audio Bug Device

GPS tracker with
remote controlled microphone.

Bug Sweep found a Hidden Microphone in Ceiling Tile

Powerful microphone
found glued to ceiling tile.

Sweeping for Electronic Bugging Devices.
Physical Inspection for Bugging Devices
Radio Spectrum Sweep for Wireless Transmitters