Spy cam found in corporate restroom.

When inspecting or sweeping corporate offices, it is good to pay attention to restrooms that the executives may use. While trade secrets may not be discussed there, tremendous embarrassment could occur if improper images were distributed. It is also good for staff to be aware of such threats and take them seriously. In this instance the camera was reported by the building maintenance supervisor.

From nypost.com

A Chelsea building that hosts high-end brands and services, including fashion shoots, had a hidden pinhole camera in its unisex bathroom, sources said.… [Read more of this post]

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FBI arrests Russian spies in NYC

FBI busts alleged Russian spy ring in New York City

They “tried to recruit U.S. citizens as intelligence sources in New York… Their targets included people working for ‘major companies’ and ‘young women with ties to a major university located in New York,’ according to authorities.”
New York (CNN) The men would sometimes say they needed to meet to exchange tickets, but they never seemed to end up actually attending or discussing a sporting event or a concert. They once talked about going to a movie. But that was it.
The reason for the puzzling behavior, according to a federal complaint unsealed Monday, is that the men were Russian spies exchanging intelligence information in New York City. 
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Panama former President Ricardo Martinelli

Panama: ex-president at center of wiretap probe

From McClatchyDC by T. Johnson

— When the United States rejected former Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli’s request for spying equipment to eavesdrop, U.S. diplomats feared, on his political enemies, the former supermarket baron turned to another source: Israel.

Now scores of Panama’s political and social elite are learning that the eavesdropping program that Martinelli’s security team set in place sprawled into the most private aspects of their lives – including their bedrooms. Rather than national security, what appears to have driven the wiretapping was a surfeit of the seven deadly sins, particularly greed, pride, lust and envy.… [Read more of this post]

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Un-social engineering: David Cameron gets spoofed by drunk hoax caller.

Do you have good procedures in place for handling executives’ phone calls? How easy would it be for someone to get their messages or phone calls put through to your principals, or to be given private numbers? And if they did get through, is there a method for verification and follow up? In this report a hoaxer got through to Prime Minister David Cameron by claiming to be the head of GCHQ. This caller apparently was just having fun, but it doesn’t take much effort to think of malicious deeds that could result from such attempts, especially in the world of corporate espionage and executive protection.[Read more of this post]

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Cilla Black

UK: Mirror Group Newspapers payout more compensation for their phone hacking escapades.

If you haven’t learned yet, you need to make your password difficult to guess!  1234, 1111, and 0000 will not cut it. Hacking lawsuits against first The News of the World, and then the Daily Mirror and associated publications have made voicemail hacking a well known concept. Mirror Group Newspapers, MGN, is said to have over £8 million set aside to help pay the lawsuits against them. The hacking appears to have been possible because the victims used simple passwords. 

from BBC News, 22 Jan 2015

Singer Cilla Black is among celebrities to have settled phone-hacking claims for “substantial” damages, the High Court has been told. … [Read more of this post]

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Mounting GPS tracking device under vehicle.

P.I.s accused of using GPS tracking get restraining order but keep their licenses.

GPS tracking devices are readily obtainable. The legality of their use on unauthorized vehicles is questionable at best. The story below highlights that such devices can pose a significant threat to privacy and security. 

Orange County Register: Two private investigators accused of illegally tracking and harassing a pair of Costa Mesa councilmen have been ordered to stay away from the politicians, but a judge on Thursday declined to immediately approve a state request to take away their work and weapons permits.… [Read more of this post]

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Stolen surveillance system exposes drug dealing thieves.

DOERUN, GA (WALB) – Images from a stolen surveillance system helped investigators arrest a suspected drug dealer. Colquitt County Sheriff’s Investigators made three arrests stemming from a burglary and drug deal connection.

A Colquitt County farmer went online to see if he could find his stolen video surveillance system. He not only found his system but he also helped the Sheriff’s office arrest a drug dealer they had been investigating.

Drug dealers caught on camera system they stole.

Hundreds of images showing illegal drug activity inside a Doerun home were sent to the Google account of a chicken farmer in Colquitt County.… [Read more of this post]

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UK: Former deputy prime minister finds car was bugged.

John Prescott seems to be taking this find in stride, but it could be a sign of something more sinister going on. Vehicle TSCM sweeps are an important part of regular security precautions.

The former Deputy Prime Minister discovered the device hidden in his car when he took it to a garage because it had problems starting. John Prescott has turned detective after finding his Jaguar had been bugged.

John Prescott with tracker found in his car.

Mechanics found a tracker concealed under the driver’s seat that was hooked up to the car battery, draining its power.… [Read more of this post]

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Waiting to be hacked… new consumer devices offer new eavesdropping potential.

Internet connected devices are attracting a lot of attention. Many, though, have potential security vulnerabilities just waiting to be hacked.  The following devices may not have been exploited yet… but considering the possibilities, it’s only a matter of time. Some of these just appeared at the CES show in Las Vegas and may not have hit the street yet but many are already at work in homes and offices.

Netatmo Welcome, uses facial recognition to detect and alert you to people in view.… [Read more of this post]

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Know your eavesdropping laws, even if you’re a former police chief…

Former Windham, NY police chief, now the town supervisor, has been arraigned on eavesdropping charges following a 10 month state police investigation. Stacey Post is accused of planting an audio and video recording device in the Windham town office building, recording employees without their knowledge.

The arrest goes back to March, 2014, when a Bureau of Criminal Investigation unit executed a search warrant at Post’s office and at her residence. A computer was seized from her office.

She faces three counts of felony eavesdropping and one misdemeanor count of possessing eavesdropping devices.… [Read more of this post]

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