More cameras with audio… Employees at Massachusetts company face felony wiretapping charges

BOSTON — Three employees at Wyman-Gordon company in Grafton, Massachusetts, are facing felony wiretapping charges for setting up a hidden camera with audio to record their coworker inside their workplace, reports CBS Boston.

As the investigative team at CBS Boston first reported in November, the hidden camera allegedly captured former Wyman-Gordon employee Mark Ferguson sleeping on the job. The company fired Ferguson last April.

Three employees at Wyman-Gordon in Grafton, Massachusetts, facing felony wiretapping charges for setting up a hidden camera with audio to record their coworker.

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Late Broward Hospital CEO feared his office was bugged

A private investigator claims Nabil El Sanadi, MD, the late president and CEO of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based Broward Health who killed himself Jan. 24, hired him last spring for an investigation into the public system that led to FBI involvement, according to a Sun Sentinel report.

The corporate private investigator, Wayne Black, wrote an email to Broward Health’s general counsel detailing his correspondence with Dr. El Sanadi. The email was produced to the Sun Sentinel in response to a public records request.… [Read more of this post]

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MA: Cell phone smuggled into grand jury murder investigation

A woman’s cell phone was slipped into the pocket of a witness in a grand jury murder investigation, recording the proceedings. During a pre-testimony interview, a female witness found out there was a cell phone in her jacket pocket that had been set to record.
Do you need to keep cell phones out of important meetings? Countermeasures can include metal detectors, x-ray machines, walk through cell detectors and maybe- rf cellular detectors. Since this phone was set to recording, it could have been in put in airplane mode so rf detectors might not find it.
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More cameras with audio: Hidden camera in county break room concerns employees

Posting a sign may not be enough- especially if you are recording audio. This judge thought it was ok to record people because “…she got a tip that officials were discussing county business in the break room” and she believed those conversations should be public.
Do you have any overzealous employees who might think the same way about your corporate meetings? Contact us if you have concerns about covert cameras that might be hidden in your place of business. FAYETTEVILLE, Ark.[Read more of this post]

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Sharp printer

IoT threats- what about your copy machine?

Be careful what you click on- emails from your fax or copy machine coming through? could be dangerous. If you have printed or faxed documents coming via email, be sure you know what YOUR machine headers should look like. Same is true for voicemail. Most phone systems will email you copies of your latest voicemail messages- don’t click on one unless you know it came from your system.

This from security researcher Graham Cluley

Email from your photocopier? It could be a malware attack

Twenty years ago, the first Word macro malware spread across the planet.… [Read more of this post]

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NJ: Cameras recording audio put chief in hot water

The security company who installed the cctv claims the audio was turned on by accident, possibly after a reboot (?), but the real issue is the chief deleted all the evidence. Word to the wise: check your cctv system- don’t record audio.

EDISON — On Dec. 10, 2013, two detectives with the Middlesex County prosecutor’s office were dispatched to investigate a possible crime. Lt. Daniel Del Bagno and Investigator Brian Gilmurray soon arrived at the scene: the Edison Police Department.

Someone, according to union representatives, may have been illegally wiretapping private conversations in the police department.… [Read more of this post]

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Foreign Espionage Alive and Well and Profitable

The Espionage Economy: U.S. firms are making billions selling spyware to dictators.

from Foreign

Ricardo Martinelli resides in a condo at the Atlantis, a luxury high-rise on Florida’s Biscayne Bay made famous by the TV series Miami Vice. A hefty, white-haired billionaire, Martinelli, 63, was viewed just a few years ago as one of Latin America’s most popular leaders: From 2009 until 2014, he was president of Panama. But now, though he’s living in high style, Martinelli is a fugitive from justice.… [Read more of this post]

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The woman in charge of the FBI’s most controversial high-tech tools

The Washingon Post

In the aftermath of the shooting rampage in San Bernardino, FBI teams recovered computer hard drives, flash drives and crushed cellphones left by the attackers. They flew the evidence to technical sleuths at a special FBI facility in Northern Virginia. At the same time, a crew from the bureau’s lab there jetted to California to help reconstruct the shooting.

The tragedy in California is the latest big case that involves the mostly unseen scientists who work for the FBI’s Amy Hess in Quantico, Va.… [Read more of this post]

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Securing the corporate AV system

A number of years ago we began to see corporate AV systems using WiFi control for a number of their components.

During our Cyber TSCM wifi inspections we often find unsecured routers appearing in conference room AV racks. These routers are not usually connected to the corporate network. That may be why the installers did not think it was necessary to secure them, even though the routers have encryption capability.

If it’s not on the corporate network, there is no risk of data loss, right?… [Read more of this post]

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New Tech: Conductive concrete blocks radio waves, guarding against espionage


De-icing concrete could improve roadway safety, guard against corporate espionage

…By replacing the limestone and sand typically used in concrete with a mineral called magnetite, Tuan has shown that the mixture can also shield against electromagnetic waves. The electromagnetic spectrum includes the radiofrequency waves transmitted and received by cellphones, which Tuan said could make the concrete mixture useful to those concerned about becoming targets of industrial espionage.

Using the magnetite-embedded concrete, Tuan and his colleagues have built a small structure in their laboratory that demonstrates the material’s shielding capabilities.… [Read more of this post]

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