Louisiana: bugged picture frame eavesdrops on office conversations.

Detention center secretary, trying to be a whistle blower,  secretly recorded her supervisor’s conversations by placing a recording device behind a picture frame in his office. Regardless of intentions, the article indicates how easy it is to eavesdrop by hiding a recording device in an office or conference room. 

The Advocate, 7/30/2015

The Louisiana Supreme Court will decide who will preside over a criminal case against a Florida Parishes Juvenile Detention Center secretary, accused of illegally recording her supervisor’s conversations, now that a judge has recused himself and all of his colleagues in the judicial district.… [Read more of this post]

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Windows 10 security concern. Windows 10 wants to share your WiFi key through “WiFi Sense”

An article in The Register explains that a new Windows 10 feature could be opening up your wifi for others to use without your knowledge.

A Windows 10 feature, Wi-Fi Sense, smells like a security risk: it can share access to Wi-Fi networks with the user’s contacts.

Those contacts include their Outlook.com (neeHotmail) contacts, Skype contacts and, with an opt-in, their Facebook friends. There is method in the Microsoft madness – it saves having to shout across the office or house “what’s the Wi-Fi password?” – but ease of use has to be teamed with security.… [Read more of this post]

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Charges stand against woman who bugged diaper bag.

The CIA is known to have used fake poop for passing information, I don’t think I ever heard of them bugging a diaper bag, though.

The Ogden, Utah, Standard Examiner reports that slipping a recorder into a child’s diaper bag was not a good idea for Teri Anne Smith.

FARMINGTON — A judge ruled that even though a woman claimed she only wanted to record conversations between her ex-husband and children, the electronic eavesdropping charges against her will stand.

For more than an hour Thursday, 2nd District Judge Robert Dale heard arguments by defense attorney Rebecca Skordas and Deputy Davis County Attorney Richard Larsen about whether the charges against Teri Anne Smith are valid.… [Read more of this post]

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Eavesdropping via a “pocket dial” ruled ok.

A case reported on last year here, where a woman received a butt-dial call from her boss and recorded the ensuing conversation, has the appeals court now ruling in favor of the one who did the eavesdropping- they found the person who made the accidental call should have been more responsible.  [Read more below]

In the course of our work, we have often received calls from security directors believing one of their meeting rooms was bugged. They suspect this because someone received a voicemail that contained a recording of a confidential meeting. [Read more of this post]

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Voicemail as a cyber attack vector

Modern phone systems, both VOIP and premise based PBX, can offer voicemail to email conversion, so that when a message is left in your voicemail box, the system will send you an email with the message recording as an attachment for you to click on to hear. That now becomes one more way for cyber hackers to lure victims into clicking on fake link containing malware.

Security researcher Graham Cluely discusses this and other recent attack methods in a article at Tripwire.com

MiniDionis: Where a Voicemail Can Lead to a Malware Attack

For just over a week, government departments, research institutes and other high-value targets have been on the sharp end of a sophisticated attack, where fake voicemails are being used to create a diversion while malware infects computer systems.… [Read more of this post]

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German officials use disposable phones over eavesdropping fears

from Deutsche Welle www.dw.com

Advice worth considering for any confidential assignments, especially overseas.

German officials are now using disposable mobile phones when they travel overseas, ‘Der Spiegel’ magazine has reported. The move comes following concerns about eavesdropping foreigners.

The so-called “burner” phones have been used not only in countries such as Russia and China, which continue to be at loggerheads with the West over a number of issues, including the Ukraine conflict – but also during visits to close allies such as the Britain and the United States, “Der Spiegel” news magazine reported on Saturday.… [Read more of this post]

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Canada’s new spy palace glass walls could allow eavesdropping

If your building boasts beautiful large glass walls and windows, you may want to follow Canada’s CSEC’s plan and find ways to darken the glass to prevent spying eyes.

From the Ottawa Citizen:

The government’s new billion-dollar spy palace in Ottawa has a problem that doesn’t sit well with the employees of one of the most secretive buildings in the world – it’s built like a fish bowl that might allow prying eyes to see inside.

The new Communications Security Establishment Canada complex, located in Ottawa.

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Article: Economic Espionage- Is Your Competition Hacking You?

This article was originally posted to LinkedIn by Marcus Eagan, CEO and Founder at Nodal Industries. Nodal produces the network security device, Numa.

Corporate espionage is on the rise. For those unfamiliar with the term – also commonly referred to as industrial or economic espionage – corporate espionage is when one corporate entity or government hacks into the systems of another corporate entity to steal their data. The first conviction for economic espionage in the U.S. happened only recently.… [Read more of this post]

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Waitergate, bug in the bread basket: A year later, four Polish government ministers and the speaker of parliament resign

From The Washington Post, 6/11/15

It began with something so small: a tiny microphone hidden near a dining table in a fancy Warsaw restaurant.

But after the bug caught Polish government ministers discussing private deals, Cuban cigars and off-color jokes — including a comparison of U.S.-Poland relations to oral sex — over expensive meals, a scandal that began as small-talk quickly spread. There were arrests, accusations of international spying and sealed documents leaked on social media.

On Wednesday, almost exactly a year after they first emerged, the secret recordings claimed their biggest scalp yet when four Polish government ministers and the speaker of parliament abruptly resigned.… [Read more of this post]

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Aircraft security: forgotten reports say French spies bugged Concorde passengers

Corporate aircraft should regularly be swept for listening devices.  It is a misconception to think that just because they are up in the air that conversations would be safe from eavesdroppers.  Recording devices, hidden microphones and video cameras, and even Wifi enabled devices could make their way into the passenger compartments where many confidential conversations may take place.

This article from The Register reflects on past concerns that the French government had bugged the passenger areas of their Concorde fleet. The precautions are even more significant these days.[Read more of this post]

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