“Spy Wednesday” – Trusted advisors can become internal threats- for thirty pieces of silver.

The Wednesday before Easter is known to many as “Spy Wednesday”. It is recognized as the day on which Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus. It can serve as a reminder that internal threats and betrayal can lead to very serious damages indeed!

Judas receives thirty pieces of silver.


“…The Wednesday before Easter is known as Spy Wednesday. The name comes from the Bible passage read in churches on that day,which explains the role that Judas Iscariot played in bringing about Jesus’death.[Read more of this post]

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Smart phones not limited to smart people. Stupid criminals can still use technology.

Everyone seems to like stupid criminal stories.

Wanted by police in Maine for theft of a wood stove, Christopher Wallace announced his location on Snapchat. One of his trusty followers was kind enough to report it to police.

While the police were searching his girlfriend’s home, a bit over confident he posted again on Snapchat that he was hiding in a cabinet.

“While the deputies/officers were wrapping up their search, Wallace posted again on Snapchat. This time he posted that the police were searching for him in the house, and that he was hiding in a cabinet.… [Read more of this post]

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DTR Monitor mode

Walkie-talkies lead to eavesdropping accusations at SF Zoo

Many modern two-way radios have a feature that can allow a supervisor to remotely turn on the transmitter of one of the units of the connected radios. The user of that radio will be automatically put into hands-free communication with the supervisor or with others in the group, possibly with their knowledge. We reported on the vulnerability of this type of feature in a previous post [here]. The feature has legitimate application for such things as emergency response for medical or safety services.[Read more of this post]

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Tap, tap, tap, “is this thing on?”, from embarrassment to murder conviction- check your mic, you may be bugged.

Robert Durst should have paid more attention to Leslie Nielson in “The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!”. For those who missed it, check out the clip below to see the type of embarrassment that can come from forgetting that your microphone is still on.

Durst, suspected in the 1982 disappearance of his wife, and the 2000 murder of his girl friend, was the subject of an HBO documentary “The Jinx”. In filming the final episode,  filmmaker Andrew Jarecki suggests it is Durst ‘s handwriting on a note directing police to Berman’s body, Durst left his microphone on as he went to the bathroom. … [Read more of this post]

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Covert cameras found at Denver area Post Office

FOX31 DenverMysterious spy cameras collecting data at post offices

DENVER — Within an hour of FOX31 Denver discovering a hidden camera, which was positioned to capture and record the license plates and facial features of customers leaving a Golden Post Office, the device was ripped from the ground and disappeared.

FOX31 Denver investigative reporter Chris Halsne confirmed the hidden camera and recorder is owned and operated by the United State Postal Inspection Service, the law enforcement branch of the U.S.… [Read more of this post]

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Move over Furby, Eavesdropping Barbie is here.

A number of years ago, while performing an electronic countermeasures sweep in a Manhattan apartment, our non-linear junction detector (locates hidden electronics) alerted to one Barbie doll that was on display among a few other dolls. To further inspect the Barbie to be sure there was no concealed listening device, we removed her clothes, revealing only that it was a “Talking Barbie” with a circuit that played back pre-recorded phrases. Unfortunately, that was the moment the client came into the room to check on how we were doing. … [Read more of this post]

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Spoofing the boss’ email nets big profit.

Report from Brian Krebs www.krebsonsecurity.com explains how scammers are spoofing emails pretending to be from heads of corporations and requesting funds through wire transfer.

Known variously as “CEO fraud,” and the “business email compromise,” this swindle is a sophisticated and increasingly common one targeting businesses working with foreign suppliers and/or businesses that regularly perform wire transfer payments.  In January 2015, the FBI warned that cyber thieves stole nearly $215 million from businesses in the previous 14 months through such scams, which start when crooks spoof or hijack the email accounts of business executives or employees.… [Read more of this post]

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Eavesdropping through web service- spoofed phone calls; NJ corrections deputy director on trial.

Just as employees, secretaries, and anyone handling confidential information need to be aware of phishing and spoof email scams, they should also be attentive to any phone calls that come through odd or suspicious circumstances.

Kirk Eady, a Hudson County Corrections deputy director, is on trial in Newark federal court for allegedly eavesdropping on the phone conversations on corrections union leaders.  He made use of a website service that allowed recording of phone calls.

PrankDial Evil Operator

Prankdial.com’s Evil Operator service no longer appears to be available.

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Automotive industrial spy for hire

Brenda Priddy takes photos, good ones, of cars, and they’re in great demand.

She is careful not to break any laws. Her targets are out in the open on public roads and highways, usually found in Death Valley. That is where many car manufacturers test drive their newest experimental and concept vehicles. She spends all day on the road, “looking for future products, looking for test cars, looking for any cars that may be out of the ordinary that may have some hint as to the future of the vehicle”.… [Read more of this post]

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Canada kicks out spies, sending them where? Mostly to the US…

Spying is a two way street. An article in OurWindsor.ca reveals that during the past decade, Canada has given the boot to 21 spies, 5 of them returned to the US.

From 2004 to 2014 Ottawa sent back to the U.S. five of a total of 21 of those barred from Canada “on security grounds for engaging in an act of espionage that is against Canada or that is contrary to Canada’s interests,” according to a document produced by Canada Border Services Agency.… [Read more of this post]

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